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Old Man Murray - Continued:

Why do you update so irregularly?
Erik: Well, we're both wheelchair-bound and like to think about space, so that affects our productivity. Do I wish we were physically able to pound out a brilliant update and win a LAN party and be a stuntman and drive a Ferrari day after goddamn day like your Dennis "Thresh" Fong? Sure. But unfortunately it's a freakin' thirty-minute trial for us just to inch our way from the kitchen to the den.
Chet: Satisfied?

Do you get sent free games?
Erik: No.
Chet: Unless there's a game on those disks AOL sends you. In which case, yes, we get about four a day.

What's the best email you've received from someone looking at your site?
Chet: Sometimes people send us mail saying, "You're awesome!" or something along those lines.
Erik: Those are good.

The Mushroom's Kevin Weiser says, "I guess the best [email] I've gotten is some guy asking for naked pictures of one of our writers." - have you had this happen?
Chet: Nothing that crazy-with-a-capital-K crazy ever happened to us. I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that somebody wants to see us naked, but a game developer called Levelord sends us naked pictures of himself. A lot.

What do you do when you're not working?
Erik: I'm usually shopping for a jet ski or lifting weights.
Chet: I am either spotting while Erik lifts weights or lifting weights.

Describe your ideal game.
Erik: I've answered this question several times on the site. Here's a quote describing the gameplay: "Running around with my giant erect penis held taut and vertical to the side of my neck by a piece of wire in such a way that, when I overtake the tiny woman I'm chasing, I can spring it like a mousetrap so that it comes crashing down on her with a loud THWACK, breaking her back and trapping her beneath it while I stand there, arms akimbo, and scan the horizon for more tiny women."
Chet: I'd like to see something like Pole Position, but on a much bigger screen.

Erik, this "ideal game" - what would you call it?
Erik: Double Dracula.

Have you ever used your Internet notoriety to obtain sexual favours?
Erik: No. Jesus, what kind of question is that?
Chet: Way to spell "favor" there, Lord Byron.

What's your favourite book?
Chet: I like the printouts of Something Awful Erik gives me.
Erik: You think you can work your fancy spelling of "favor" into a few more questions?

What's your browser start page set to?

Please state, in 15 words or less (per site), your opinion on each of the following sites:
Something Awful:
Better than The Mushroom.
UK Resistance: Better than The Mushroom.
Penny Arcade: Better than The Mushroom.
The Mushroom: I'd rather read a note from my doctor that says, "you have mouth cancer."
FatBabies: Better than The Mushroom.

Which gaming figure do you most hate?
Chet: The boss monster of the Wolfenstein games, Adolf Hitler.
Erik: Dennis "Thresh" Fong.
Chet: I want to change my answer to Dennis "Thresh" Fong.



4. The arrival of Quake 3: Arena
In one of their longer and more amusing news updates, Chet and Erik heralded the arrival of Quake 3: Arena in their own special way. - "Not particularly interested in playing the game, we immediately set to the business of burning copies for distribution overseas. Chet must have accidentally installed and launched it, though, because the tranquil whirring sound of our CD writing equipment was interrupted by his cries of shock and humiliation."



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